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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Unpublished - rights reserved under the Copyright Laws of the United States. Copyright � 2003 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright � 2005 BEA Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Use is subject to license terms. This distribution may include materials developed by third parties. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Module Name : JSIP Specification File Name : Author : Phelim O'Doherty HISTORY Version Date Author Comments 1.1 08/10/2002 Phelim O'Doherty Initial version ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
package javax.sip.address;
This class represents a generic URI. This is the base interface for any type of URI. These are used in SIP requests to identify the callee and also in Contact, From, and To headers.

The generic syntax of URIs is defined in RFC 2396.

BEA Systems, NIST
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public interface URI extends CloneableSerializable{

Returns the value of the "scheme" of this URI, for example "sip", "sips" or "tel".

the scheme paramter of the URI
    public String getScheme();

Creates and returns a deep copy of the URI. This methods must ensure a deep copy of the URI, so that when a URI is cloned the URI can be modified without effecting the original URI. This provides useful functionality for proxying Requests and Responses. This method overrides the clone method in java.lang.Object.

a deep copy of URI
    public Object clone();
This method determines if this is a URI with a scheme of "sip" or "sips".

true if the scheme is "sip" or "sips", false otherwise.
    public boolean isSipURI();
This method returns the URI as a string.

String The stringified version of the URI
    public String toString();
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