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 package javax.enterprise.inject.spi;
 import java.util.List;

This event type is thrown by the container after type discovery is complete. If any observer method of the AfterTypeDiscovery event throws an exception, the exception is treated as a definition error by the container.

Any observer of this event is permitted to add classes to, or remove classes from, the list of alternatives, list of interceptors or list of decorators. The container will use the final values of these lists, after all observers have been called, to determine the enabled alternatives, interceptors, and decorators for application.

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public interface AfterTypeDiscovery {


the ordered list of enabled alternatives of the bean deployment archive
    public List<Class<?>> getAlternatives();


the ordered list of enabled interceptors of the bean deployment archive.
    public List<Class<?>> getInterceptors();


the ordered list of enabled decorators of the bean deployment archive
    public List<Class<?>> getDecorators();


Adds a given AnnotatedType to the set of types which will be scanned during bean discovery.

This method allows multiple annotated types, based on the same underlying type, to be defined. AnnotatedTypes discovered by the container use the fully qualified class name of AnnotatedType.getJavaClass() to identify the type.

AfterBeanDiscovery.getAnnotatedType(java.lang.Class,java.lang.String) and AfterBeanDiscovery.getAnnotatedTypes(java.lang.Class) allows annotated types to be obtained by identifier.

type The AnnotatedType to add for later scanning
    public void addAnnotatedType(AnnotatedType<?> typeString id);
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