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ConnectFactory.ERROR_0001_INVALID_CONNECTION=[pt_1] Database connection could not be established to: {0}
ConnectFactory.ERROR_0001_INVALID_CONNECTION2=[pt_0] Database connection could not be established to: {0} {1}
SQLResultSet.ERROR_0001_OBTAINING_ROWCOUNT=[pt_226] Could not obtain rowcount.
SQLResultSet.ERROR_0002_GET_VALUE=[pt_227] Could not get value from resultset.
SQLResultSet.ERROR_0003_BEFORE_FIRST=[pt_228] Could not seek to beginning of resultset.
SQLResultSet.ERROR_0004_GET_METADATA=[pt_225] Could not get SQL Metadata.
SQLResultSet.ERROR_0005_NEXT=[pt_230] Could not get next row in resultset.
SQLResultSet.ERROR_0006_GET_COLUMNCOUNT=[pt_229] Could not get column count from metadata.
SQLResultSet.WARN_RESULTSET_TYPE_UNDETERMINED=[pt_2] ResultSet type could not be determined, assuming default table model.
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