GrepCode IntelliJ IDEA Plugin

The GrepCode (GC) plugin for IntelliJ IDEA allows IntelliJ users to access the search facilities provided by GrepCode. This tutorial describes how to install and use the plugin. The screenshots were taken using IntelliJ IDEA 10.0.

System Requirements

The GC plugin is compatible with IntelliJ IDEA versions 10.0 and above


The GC plugin may be installed, as any other IntelliJ IDEA plugin, by applying the following steps:
  1. Open IDE Settings window ("File/Settings") and choose "Plugins" item from the list.
  2. Open "Available" tab and select a plugin named " Code Search".
  3. Open context menu and click on "Download and Install" item to install the plugin.


Once the GC plugin has been installed, you can use it to browse the source code of open source libraries, that you use in your project development. Here is an example to illustrate this:
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