ExecutorService's type parameters changed between JDK5 and JDK6 in a way that makes it impossible for our invokeAll/invokeAny methods to match both at compile time. This project builds a JDK6-like copy of ExecutorService (but with JDK5 compiler settings to ensure that it will work with JRE5 at runtime). It also builds a version of AbstractExecutorService that is equivalent to a JDK5 version but using the JDK6 type parameters for the invokeAll/invokeAny methods just as with ExecutorService. This project's is then used in the bootstrap class path of Guava proper.
Release date: 8 April 2014
License: The Apache Software License, Version 2.0
Google AppEngine: Partial support
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  • JDK / jdk / openjdk
Used by:
  • Maven-Central / com.google.guava / guava-jdk5
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  • 14e5b1d51c96e0d2cde425f9a6cd98d1
  • 22d83577a9d2aab7a48c357abcfb0d06
  • 41cc286d39d8bfbb2b43a74e835555a2
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