JExcelApi is a java library which provides the ability to read, write, and modify Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
Project metadata download: jxl-2.6.12.pom
Binary download: jxl-2.6.12.jar
Source download: jxl-2.6.12-sources.jar
Release date: 24 October 2009
License: GNU Lesser General Public License
Google AppEngine: Partial support
Depends on:(View as diagram)
  • Maven-Central / junit / junit
  • Maven-Central / log4j / log4j
  • JDK / jdk / openjdk
MD5 Signatures:
  • 62f8a643ebd1ffcf891b51778dc37565
  • af2c992611e2e0a31b667a1aa7a0aea4
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