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org.apache.maven.plugins / maven-enforcer-plugin - The Loving Iron Fist of Maven
org.apache.maven.plugins / maven-compiler-plugin - The Compiler Plugin is used to compile the sources of your project.
org.apache.maven.plugins / maven-scm-plugin - Maven Plugin that allows accessing different SCMs.
org.apache.maven.plugins / maven-antrun-plugin - Runs Ant scripts embedded in the POM
org.apache.maven.plugins / maven-shade-plugin - Repackages the project classes together with their dependencies into a single uber-jar, optionally renaming classes or removing unused classes.
org.apache.maven.plugins / maven-plugin-plugin - The Plugin Plugin is used to create a Maven plugin descriptor for any Mojo's found in the source tree, to include in the JAR. It is also used to generate Xdoc files for the Mojos as well as for updating the...
org.apache.maven.plugins / maven-gpg-plugin - Signs the project artifacts with GnuPG.
org.apache.maven.plugins / maven-install-plugin - Copies the project artifacts to the user's local repository.
org.apache.maven.plugins / maven-deploy-plugin - Uploads the project artifacts to the internal remote repository.
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